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Has Trauma Caused You To Think Negatively About Yourself, Others, Or The World?

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Unresolved Trauma Has Many Symptoms And Can Deeply Disrupt Your Life

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Societal Factors Can Exacerbate Trauma Symptoms

In the highly competitive environment of the San Francisco Bay area, accomplished professionals often find themselves dealing with trauma symptoms, feeling trapped in a continuous cycle of work-related stress and pressure.

The pervasive culture of perfectionism and relentless pursuit of success in this region only serves to worsen their symptoms. The demanding nature of tech and high-pressure work environments also contribute to feelings of inadequacy and burnout. If people grew up in a household where they were constantly told that they weren’t good enough, working in high-pressure environments can reaffirm such messages and bring out old traumas. The stigma surrounding mental health in professional circles often prevents individuals from seeking help, leading to a cycle of suffering in silence.

Despite their success, many people battle with imposter syndrome and struggle to feel deserving of psychological/mental health support.

The demanding nature of their careers leaves little time or energy for self-care and introspection. They prioritize work over everything, including their own mental health, mistakenly believing that working more is the key to happiness and fulfillment.

However, these professionals are caught in a vicious cycle where neglecting their needs increases the risk of burnout and actually decreases their chances of success. They need a safe space to express their struggles, validate their experiences, and learn healthy coping mechanisms. Trauma therapy is a great way to meet those needs.

Trauma Therapy Can Help You Reprocess Traumatic Memories

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By working with our therapists here at Trauma Healing Therapy, we will help you reprocess and heal from your past trauma. Whether you are seeking help as an individual or as a couple, we will be able to help you with any of the following:

  • Relationship trauma or past unhealthy relationships (break ups, divorce, affairs)
  • Traumatic memories or experience (i.e. accidents, bullying)
  • Childhood trauma/neglect
  • Medical trauma
  • Immigration trauma
  • Fertility trauma
  • Traumatic loss/death
  • First responder trauma

If your specific trauma is not listed above, please still do reach out, as these are just examples and do not exhaust all that we can help you with at Trauma Healing Therapy. The ultimate goal is for us to help you make the transition from simply “surviving” to truly living and loving your life and leaving the past in the past. By being able to properly reprocess your traumatic memories in a safe environment, you’ll have a much better understanding of how trauma is (and has been) affecting you and how life can look like.

Treatments Utilized For Trauma Therapy

Our trauma specialists want you to experience a healthier, fuller life, where you feel safe and successful in your career, hobbies. and relationships alike. Some of our trauma treatment methods include:

Somatic Techniques: These are therapeutic approaches that focus on the connection between the mind and body to address and heal trauma. These techniques recognize that trauma is stored in the body and manifest through physical symptoms. By engaging the body in the healing process, somatic techniques aim to release stored trauma, reduce physical and emotional distress, and promote overall well-being.

The Flash Technique: The Flash Technique (FT) is a new, evidence-based therapeutic method designed to alleviate the distress linked to traumatic memories. Unlike traditional trauma therapies, FT is minimally intrusive and does not require clients to consciously engage with their traumatic memories, enabling them to process these memories without experiencing distress.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): This approach incorporates bilateral stimulation exercises—such as tapping or moving your eyes back and forth—to assist your brain in reprocessing traumatic memories. The goal of EMDR therapy is to reduce the emotional charge of trauma so that you can recall painful memories without feeling overwhelmed.

Grounding Skills: The goal of grounding techniques is to help you achieve a balanced nervous system once triggered.

Grounding techniques can consist of deep breathing exercises, utilizing your five senses, or stretching.

Trauma can be effectively treated with therapy. With the help of skilled and compassionate therapists, you can move beyond your trauma and joyfully embrace your present life. This positive psychological change can result in personal growth, empowerment, greater self-worth, increased resilience, and improved relationships.

Therapy can be expensive. How many sessions will I have to pay for to see results?

I am usually very busy. What if I can’t fully commit to trauma therapy?

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Are You Ready To Get A Brighter View Of Yourself And The World?

If you want to have a better outlook on life and learn how to move past the trauma and live a fuller, healthier life, we encourage you to reach out and start trauma therapy with us. To get started, call (650) 753-9663 for a free 20-minute consultation or book it right here. We also have a contact page on our website.

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