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Welcome to Trauma Healing Therapy (THT), your nurturing space for healing trauma and rebuilding relationships. At THT, we firmly believe in your capacity to overcome past traumas and create a fulfilling future.

Whether you’re grappling with the aftermath of a specific traumatic event or seeking to address past relational wounds (such as childhood trauma, divorce, loss of a relationship, or affairs), we are committed to standing by your side throughout your healing journey.

We specialize in trauma therapy, offering both intensive and weekly EMDR therapy sessions, as well as couples therapy. Utilizing evidence-based techniques like EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and the Gottman method, we work with couples, groups, and individuals alike.

Conveniently located in Cupertino and San Francisco, California, our team of experienced therapists provides a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore your experiences and work towards healing from past trauma, fostering a healthier present and future.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation. We would love to discuss your unique needs and explore how we can assist you. Whether you prefer online or in-person sessions, we proudly serve the diverse communities of Cupertino and San Francisco, welcoming anyone seeking support. It is our honor to be here for you on your journey!

Our Specialties

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Couples Therapy

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EMDR Therapy

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EMDR Intensives

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Trauma Therapy

Our Modalities

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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

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Gottman Therapy

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Psychodynamic Therapy


Mariella has been my therapist since 2019. I highly recommend her for trauma and relationship counseling. She is an extremely bright, capable and skilled clinician, as well as a kind and wonderful human being. Mariella genuinely cares about her clients and invests in their happiness. She has made a huge difference in my life over these years and I am forever grateful to her.

-Anonymous Client

Mariella is a true gem in the field of trauma therapy and relationship healing. From the moment I started working with her, I felt seen, heard, and supported in ways I never thought possible. Her expertise in EMDR therapy and her compassionate demeanor create a safe space for deep healing and growth. Thanks to Mariella’s guidance, I’ve been able to confront my past traumas and develop healthier patterns in my relationships. I can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone seeking compassionate and effective therapy.

-Anonymous Client

I have been working with Dr. Mariella for a long time, and every time we use EMDR, it helps me ground my thoughts and eliminate the noise around me. The feeling is to be able to concentrate on one topic at a time and, therefore, solve the anxiety issues I face. This technique helps me understand the reason for my tension and elaborate on it positively by developing a better way of thinking and feeling. It is like facing bad thoughts and being able to bid goodbye to them.

-Anonymous Client

We came to Mariella at a time when our relationship felt like it was falling apart. Years of unresolved trauma had taken its toll on our connection, and we were struggling to communicate and trust each other. Mariella’s compassionate and non-judgmental approach immediately put us at ease. She helped us navigate through our individual traumas while also teaching us how to support each other through the healing process. With Mariella’s guidance, we learned how to communicate more effectively, rebuild trust, and create a deeper bond than we ever thought possible. Today, we’re stronger as a couple and individually, and we owe it all to Mariella’s expertise and dedication.

-Anonymous Client

We believe in the importance of sharing the transformative experiences of our clients through therapy. However, respecting the confidential nature of our profession, client privacy remains our top priority. To safeguard their anonymity, all testimonials on our website are provided anonymously. Click the link to see more testimonials!

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